360 Degree Video Surveillance

EeRise has been profoundly involved in the field of omni-directional video surveillance since 1997 and piled up several valuable patents of which EeRise PanoServer 360 Degree IP-Video Surveillance System and PanoView 360 Degree Network Camera Software are based.


Multi-Projector Technology

is to combine at least two individual projected images into a seamless, high resolution and larger size.

Our services include:
 Auto-alignment service
 Geometry Controller  Consulting service




A.O.I. - Auto Optical Inspection

Our leading technology at image processing?2D/3D optical inspection is realized with a series of A.O.I., it helps industrial automatic inspection of STN / TFT / OLED / PLED LCD Panel.




Auto Alignment Services

Developing monitor/ CRT and TV automatic alignment and computerized image process system.


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