Multi-Projector System Services

The main technologies of EeRise are 3D positioning, image processing, and computer ized vision. Based on these technologies and constantly research, we successfully developed the auto-alignment tools and geometry controller for Multi-Projector system.

The basic concept of Multi-Projector is to combine at least two individual projected images into a seamless, high resolution and larger size.

Here is an example to illustrate the result of combining two projected images into ultra-wide image. We provide following services for Multi-Projector system:

• Auto-alignment service: Unlike traditional measurement by human eyes, EeRise developed a semi-auto Pan/Tile robot with a three pre-calibrated CCD for 3D positioning to achieve a high precision and high reliability auto-alignment tool. With this tool, we are able to shorten whole measurement procedure into few hours even an 8.5m in diameter semi-spherical dome type screen .

• Geometry Controller: EeRise Geometry Controller is a hardware real-time de-warping device for correcting distortion of projected image. The distortion parameter is calculated based on auto-alignment results.

• Consultant service: We also provide our customer consultant service to help them construct their Multi-Projector system.

Semi-auto Pan/Tilt Robot (left side) and Geometry Controller (right side)

Please contact EeRise Vice President Mr. Tsai at or at 886-2-2914-5762 ext. 110 if you need further information regarding Multi-Projector. Thank you very much.


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