PanoServer -
Maximises Panoramic Surveillance Extremity

PanoServer is an omni-directional video surveillance system which combines a 360 degree panoramic Video Camera (MapCam) with a PTZ camera (Speed Dome) to achieve more efficient surveillance...more


360 Degree IP-Video Surveillance Demo Video

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PanoServer 6000 is a 360 Degree IP-Video Tracking System which combines a 360 degree panoramic video camera (MapCam) with a PTZ camera (Speed Dome) to achieve more efficient surveillance. With the PanoServer you can fetch a high resolution optical zoom image of any selected local area while continuing to vigilantly monitor the whole panoramic area, which features:

- Stable Stand-alone Linux-based Platform w/ Watchdog

PanoServer 6000 runs an embedded linux standalone system platform on a CF card. It is equipped with built-in hardware watchdog timer to ensure the highest operation stability.

- Click-and-See helps handle Speed Dome
PanoServer 6000 ¡§Click-and-See¡¨ lets you intuitively handle Speed Dome using a mouse.

- PanoServer Real-Time Object Tracking Engine
PanoServer 6000 runs Motion Detection and Motion Tracking powered by PanoServer Real-Time Object Tracking Engine, which integrates one to several image sources collected by cameras including fix-angle, wide-angle and omni cameras to direct Speed Dome detecting or tracking objects.

- Network Enabled, Mobile Enabled
PanoServer 6000 allows users to do remote monitoring from Desktop / Laptop PC (Internet Explorer), and Mobile Devices such as Pocket PC, Smartphone and other handheld devices using EeRise PanoMobile Mobile Device Explorer.

- Pre-alarm / Post-alarm Recording
PanoServer 6000 can well integrate images recorded before/after the preset events such as motion detection, alarm inputs to assure the continuity and completeness of event recording.

- Schedule Management
PanoServer 6000 is capable of scheduling surveillance activities on the basis of Day/Week.

- User Management
PanoServer 6000 allows you to pigeonhole all users into Group List and User List and limit a user's authority to surveillance, schedule, remote control, camera access and GPOs.

- Easy Installation
PanoServer 6000 will be delivered with Camera Adjustment Programme, that is, no complex on-site calibration required.

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